Cottage Hospice admission information

This decision will enable us to focus our staff and resources on our In-Patient Ward in Pembury and provide the best possible care to our patients, their families and carers in these changing times.

Cottage Hospice is for patients without existing or anticipated complex symptoms, when they are felt to be in the dying phase, or the last days and few weeks of life. At this point the burden on family caregivers at home is often too much. Cottage Hospice offers more support for both patients and family caregivers, as well as a different choice of place of death; in a home from home environment. We do not anticipate patients will stay for respite care or symptom control, and we do not see patients leaving or being transferred, it is for the end of life only.

All suitable patients will be able to choose it as their preferred place of death at any point following their referral to Hospice in The Weald. Their family caregivers will sign a document called the “Compact” and agree to give the care whilst at Cottage Hospice.

How do I choose to stay at Cottage Hospice? Who can help me decide?

You can talk to one of our members of staff. As a patient, our Hospice in the Home team will be able to talk to you about Cottage Hospice and the option of choosing a preferred place of death, when you are ready.

Click here to find out more about our Hospice in the Home service.

What is the Compact?

All patients who identify that the Cottage Hospice as where they would like to die, will be introduced with their family caregivers to a document called the Compact.

The Compact is a written agreement that will help to ensure a shared understanding of what is expected of the family caregiver(s) who will provide the care to their loved one throughout their time at Cottage Hospice. A member of the Hospice in the Home team will be able to help family caregivers to understand, sign and complete the Compact.