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Hospice Outreach Service

Caring for you at home

Our Hospice Outreach Service work closely with your GP, District Nurses and other Healthcare Professionals to support you & your family and help co-ordinate palliative care at home. Your GP will continue to hold primary responsible for your care while you are at home.

The team is made up of  a range of professionals (Clinical Nurse Specialists, Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Staff Nurses, Specialty Doctors, Consultants, Hospice Paramedics and Nursing Assistants) and some of our staff specialise in specific conditions. As part of our personalised approach to caring for you and those important to you, we will ensure you always receive care and advice most specific to your circumstances.


Susie an OT visiting a patient in their home

What is the Hospice Outreach Service?

We can advise on medication to help relieve physical symptoms and offer guidance and support on Advance Care Planning (which includes resuscitation decisions and preferences for your future care). We aim to minimise unnecessary hospital admissions by ensuring that plans, medications & equipment are in place before they might be needed based on individual need.

Hospice Outreach Service also offer Hospice appointments that enable patients and families to visit the hospice and be assessed by our clinical staff, with a care & treatment plan created if required. The facilities at the Hospice can then be viewed and/or used whilst patients and families are present after their appointment.