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We need to raise over £8 million every year to provide outstanding Hospice care to the local community. To get involved with our fundraising activities, design your own, or make a donation, use the information on this page.

My loved one may benefit from Hospice care

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You might be visiting this page on the suggestion of your GP or another healthcare practitioner, or just to find out more information.

Hospice in the Weald provides care and support for people facing a terminal illness or those approaching¬† end-of-life, as well as those important to them. We offer a range of care and support that can be tailored to someone’s individual needs. You can find more information about the support we will provide for you and your loved one on this page.

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What is Hospice Care?

Often people are not sure what Hospice care means.

Hospice palliative care means providing care for your loved one in the last year of their life. This care will be tailored to their needs as an individual, and can be provided in their own home, in our in-patient settings, or both. We will also provide support to you, based on your needs.

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My loved one needs help, right now

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Each family uses a different combination of Our Services to suit their needs