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Creating Lasting Memories

Memories are so important. Having precious moments that you and your loved ones can cherish forever is priceless. At Hospice in the Weald we want to help you create those lasting memories together. We have a number of suggestions and services available to help you create physical and digital memories that last. All of which are free of charge, just the same as the rest of our services on offer. Take a look at some of the ways we can help you create lasting memories.

If you’re interested in learning more or creating some memories with us then please contact the Living Well Team on 01892 820509 or fill out the form below.

memory bears, a cuddly toy that holds a recording of your loved one inside

Memory Bears

These bears are great for children and young people. You can record a short message into a little heart, that is carefully placed inside the bear or cuddly toy. Every time it’s squeezed, your message will play out loud. A real comfort and sensitive way to help remember loved ones.

Heart  and Cardiogram line

Heartbeat Music

With this heart warming piece of legacy work, our music therapist is able to capture the beating heart of your loved one. This can then be materialised into many different digital memory projects. For example, a voice recording of your loved one can be merged with the heartbeat and some music. The voice recording can be a improvised gesture, a letter that you read out, a poem, a favourite children’s story etc. This can then be transferred to a recording teddy bear or a memory stick. The possibilities are endless!

Guitar and sheet music

The Soundtrack of your life

The ‘soundtrack of your life’ is a personal collection of songs that gives you that flashback feeling whenever you hear them. Some people choose to create their soundtrack in chronological order – a soundtrack that recreates the most precious moments of their life. Others choose to have their songs in a random order. You can put your songs on a CD, a memory stick or even create a Spotify or Apple playlist. Just ask a member of the music therapy team to help!

Making memories through Photos & Film

Capturing moments on camera, to look back on, can be truly special. We all have photos and videos we look back on every now and then, memories we treasure. We can help you capture and create those precious moments. For your loved ones, hearing your voice and seeing you will bring so much comfort and help them to remember you and celebrate your life. If you’re unsure what they might want then ask them what they’d like to see, hear and feel.

Patient at Cottage Hospice smiles up at her mother

Video & Messages to your loved ones

Creating home video

We can give you easy to use video cameras to borrow, so that you can capture your own moments on film. You can keep the footage no matter what but, we can edit it together for you or you can have a go yourself.

Messages for your loved ones

If you want to share a lasting message for your loved ones, we’re able to help you do that. We can sensitively film these pieces for you, editing them and supplying them in a format of your choice (disc, USB, weblink)

Father and Son embracing


Your story is a beautiful one, that your family and loved ones would love to hear. Why not considering telling your story. We can help you do it yourself or we can film it for you. Sometimes being helped to write your life story, in the form of a biography can be a wonderful way to give meaning and a way of connecting with family and loved ones. This can be given to them as a lasting legacy.

We share powerful stories from patients, loved ones and supporters to help inform people about what Hospice care is like and encourage more support – all so we can help more people. If you’d consider sharing your story then let a member of staff know and we’ll be in touch to let you know how it’ll work.

Memory boxes

Any way that we help you to remember your loved one can be kept in a Memory Box. This personalised memory box can include anything special to you and your loved ones, for example, letters, cards, photos, favourite perfumes, aftershave, body lotions, soaps, mementos, family recipes or your favourite music. You may also want to include digital memories on a USB or disc.

Let us know how you'd like us to support you creating memories

We'll be in touch soon to work with you to create some lasting memories for you and your loved ones.