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Cottage Hospice

Notice: At this time we are currently consolidating our in-patient services at our site in Pembury. Outpatient appointments, counseling sessions, and living well services all continue to operate from Cottage Hospice as usual. If you have any queries, please contact us on 01892 820 500

Cottage Hospice is a beautiful in-patient care setting designed to provide the best care possible to patients and their loved ones. Nestled in Five Ashes, with a backdrop of the rolling East Sussex landscape, Cottage Hospice offers 24/7 end-of-life care to patients with non-complex needs as well as providing support for family and loved ones.

Often described as either a hotel or home from home, we aim to make stays as comfortable as possible, encouraging patients and their families to bring whatever they want and need to make their rooms feel the way they want. Whether that means bringing, photos, plants, or pets there aren’t many restrictions (as long as it’s safe and fits through the doors).

Some patients and their families may want to be more involved in the care, and many will have been caring for their loved ones for some time already. We can help empower people to deliver care, but it isn’t a requirement to become a family caregiver. Nurses will always be on hand to help provide care and support to those staying with us, day, and night.

Cottage Hospice building exterior
Willow Room at Cottage Hospice
Family reading a Christmas Book at Cottage Hospice, making memories, the most precious part of Christmas

Staying at Cottage Hospice

All rooms are fully equipped and allow patients to comfortably keep their families close to them If those are their wishes.  We welcome visitors and pets, there aren’t rules, but if you’re unsure then please don’t hesitate to ask.

In the rooms, the beds are at the centre, making sure that patients are at the centre of everything we do. There is a second bed, or a sofa bed in each room, allowing loved ones to be close, if they choose to be, and there are also two guest rooms available for additional visitors. Each room has its own en-suite and balcony view over the garden and fields beyond.

There are several spaces outside of the rooms for you to use, however, you wish. We have a kitchen, stocked full of everything you might need. Please do bring along food and drink as you wish or order from local restaurants and takeaways. There is also a café, garden, and atrium where loved ones can take time for themselves or meet with others.

John and his wife Beverley in their room at Cottage Hospice

John & Beverley's Story

Beverley was caring for John at home, and living in a one-bedroom bungalow, it was getting quite tight. If John needed any assistance at home, they’d have to call for Nurses to come and help Beverley to care for John. At Cottage Hospice, knowing that they had the instant support from the Nurses made caring so much easier for Beverley and meant that they could have visitors who wouldn’t have been able to visit when at home.

To find out more about Cottage Hospice phone 01435 512500

Cottage Hospice is a very calm, sociable and relaxing environment: there’s a café, shared kitchen, garden and a number of quiet areas where family caregivers can go to have a break, take some time to reflect, or meet others, if they wish to do so.

It’s incredibly important that you take a break when caring for a loved one as it can be tiring and overwhelming in the final weeks of life; you can recharge and unwind – looking after yourself means you’ll provide the very best care you can. Family caregivers can take a step back at any time and be in the knowledge that their loved one will safe and cared for.

Cottage Hospice CQC Outstanding Celebration

CQC Rating - Outstanding!

“Having such a positive CQC result is important for us; it rubber stamps the excellent care provided by the dedicated staff and volunteers. It also gives our local community and colleagues the reassurance they need when considering Cottage Hospice for their loved ones and patients” – Kerry Norman, Head of Cottage Hospice