In-Patient Ward

Our In-Patient Ward remains open during COVID. We are following guidance from Public Health England and the NHS, by asking patients on our In-Patient Ward to designate two visitors, and to use telephone or video calls instead wherever they can. We ask visitors who have symptoms of COVID or anyone in their household with symptoms not to visit.

The In-Patient Ward has 15 individual rooms for symptom control and end of life admissions. We offer individualised treatment to suit a patient's physical, emotional and spiritual needs, along with those who are important to the patient.

An admission to the Ward can be arranged by your Hospice in the Home Nurse or Healthcare provider.

As with all of the services that the Hospice offers the Ward is free of charge.

Without seeing it for yourself, it can be difficult to imagine what our In-Patient Ward is like. It’s often described by patients and their loved ones as a calm, tranquil and peaceful place to be – almost a haven.



For more information please contact Wendy Jones, Head of In-Patient Ward on 01892 820500 ext 607 or wendy.jones@hospiceintheweald.org.uk or complete this form.