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The community we serve

Our Hospice in Pembury serves a community of approximately 350,000 over an area of 400 sq. miles of West Kent and northern East Sussex.

Please see below for full details of towns and post code areas - our traditional catchment area is based on the location of GP surgeries rather than the individual addresses of patients. At Hospice we believe, above all other things, that patients have the right to choose where they wish to receive their care. We will work with patients, families, and GPs to provide Hospice Care to those who need it and will not be limited by lines on a map. If you or someone you know would like to be cared for by Hospice in the Weald please contact us using the pink 'Make a referral' button here on our website and we will contact you directly to discuss what options are available.

Catchment Area

We are about community and the community we serve; the people of West Kent and Northern East Sussex are at our core.

Downloadable Forms

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