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Hospice News - Summer 2022

Welcome to the summer edition of Hospice News.

Nick Farthing, Hospice in the Weald Chief Executive smiling at the camera

A word from our Chief Executive, Nick

This edition is the first written under the guidance of our new Strategy, the focus of which is getting back on track after a number of years of  significant change. We will do this in four key ways:

  • Striving, as always, to ensure people can access the Hospice care they need, when they need it.
  • Maintaining excellent quality of care.
  • Making sure that Hospice in the Weald is a great place to work and volunteer.
  • Securing our financial sustainability.

You can read about the latest developments in our Living Well and Outreach services in Hospice News, which are just some of the ways we are working to ensure those in West Kent and East Sussex can access the care they need from Hospice in the Weald when the time is right.

You can read about the difference our support can make in Stuart’s story. We are grateful to all our dedicated staff and volunteers and will be introducing a number of initiatives to ensure that our workforce can grow and develop their career with us, if that is what they want to do.

Lizzie performing acupuncture to a patient
Acupuncture: How a helping hand can change lives

We are always looking for more ways to support patients to have the best quality of life and now, for the first time, we have introduced acupuncture as part of our range of therapies to give an even greater choice.

Lizzie, one of our Lead Physiotherapists said: “One lady I treated, who was suffering from debilitating breathlessness, felt a profound, deep sense of peace and relaxation, describing a calming feeling spreading through her arms and stomach during treatment.”

All care provided through Hospice in the Weald is completely free of charge.

The last two years have been very challenging for our fundraising, and our events had to be cancelled. We really do need your help to get back on track with our fundraising so we hope you can help wherever you can - find out about some of our upcoming events.

Three Raffle Tickets

Summer Raffle

You can also help us by taking part in our Summer Raffle and buying a book of tickets for £40. The top prize is £3,500, which makes a ticket an ideal gift. By supporting us you will be helping to ensure that people like you, your family, friends and neighbours, will always be able to access Hospice care when you need it… just like Marion.