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The Calming Hand

We all have times when we feel anxious or panicky.

The calming hand is a technique which can help to reduce feelings of anxiety or panic, and it can help focus on your breathing, in order to relax.

The Calming Hand

Go through the calming hand with Susie, one of our Physiotherapy team.

1. Acceptance

Focus on why you may be feeling panicky. Just to start relaxing – know the feelings aren’t sinister. The best thing to do is to hold your thumb.

2. Sigh

Sigh out. Let your shoulders drop, let your whole body relax.

3. Inhale

Take a deep, gentle breath in.

4. Exhale

You want this breath out to be slightly longer than when you breathed in.

5. Stretch

Stretch your fingers, and then relax them. Then stop.

Those feelings of anxiety and breathlessness may not have gone away completely, so you may need to do step one to five several times.