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A guide to relationships, sexuality, intimacy

Relationships, sexuality and intimacy can be very difficult subjects to talk about at the best of times, but when you are living with a life limiting illness, they can be even more difficult to address.


Acupuncture from a trained Physiotherapist can help with a variety of symptoms such as pain, constipation, nausea and breathlessness.

Advance Care Planning

You may want to take the opportunity to think about what living with a terminal illness might mean to you, your partner, or relatives, particularly if you become unable to make decisions yourself. You may wish to record what your preferences and wishes for future care and treatment might be or you may simply choose to do nothing at all. One way of making people aware of your wishes is by a process of Advance Care Planning.

Advance Decisions to Refuse Treatment Policy

Advance statement of wishes

An advance statement of wishes and preferences allows you to express what is important to you

Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety is one of the most common emotional responses to illness, and it’s a natural reaction. Questions like ‘How will I cope?’, ‘What’s going to happen?’, ‘Will I get better?’ and ‘Will the treatment work?’ may go through your mind.