Fundraise & Get Involved

We need to raise over £8 million every year to provide outstanding Hospice care to the local community. To get involved with our fundraising activities, design your own, or make a donation, use the information on this page.

Accessing Counselling for You or a Loved One

Arranging Counselling can feel like a daunting process, but we will provide information and support to help you access what you need.

To arrange counselling for yourself, please get in touch with the Counselling and Support Service on 01892 820525 or complete this short form.

Your first appointment will be an opportunity to meet with a counsellor and discuss your situation in confidence. If you then decide that counselling may be helpful, arrangements will be made for you to meet with a counsellor on a weekly basis for an agreed number of sessions.

If you think a loved one needs counselling please discuss this with them first. It’s wonderful that you are looking out for your friend, family member or patient when thinking that they might need counselling. This is incredibly supportive; however, unfortunately we cannot accept referrals for counselling on someone else’s behalf.

Counselling works best when a person wants to do it; it doesn’t generally work when people are forced or persuaded into counselling. We realise this can be difficult for people who see their loved one struggling. If you would like to help and support your loved one, we recommend that you express your concerns in an open way saying that you think they could benefit from talking to a counsellor and listening to what they say. If they are unsure about it, we are more than happy to discuss counselling over the phone or if they wanted to meet with one of the counselling team face-to-face, this can be arranged.