What support is available at Cottage Hospice?

Cottage Hospice is run by a team of highly skilled and trained volunteers, supported by nursing staff. These volunteers support family caregivers in continuing to care for their loved ones with help from the Informed Guide.

It’s a very calm, sociable and relaxing environment at Cottage Hospice: there’s a café, shared kitchen, garden and quiet areas where family caregivers can choose to have a break, take some time to reflect, or meet others and share experiences, if they wish to do so.

Asking for support makes good sense to most, but sometimes people get caught up in thinking that asking for help or advice makes them feel a bit inadequate. However, the Hospice believes that asking for help means you’re wise, not weak.

Family, friends and neighbours might be willing to help at home whilst you are staying at Cottage Hospice. You may have a dog that needs walking; a school run to do, or you need food, drinks and fresh clothes for yourself and your loved one. Often people will be pleased to help if you just ask them. Talking and sharing with people gives you the chance to offload some of the burdens you might feel but can also open up discussions around how others might be able to help, even if it’s just a cup of tea and chat.

Our volunteers and staff are available around the clock to support family caregivers in caring for their loved ones at Cottage Hospice. You may also be referred to our Counselling and Support Service, based at the Hospice in Pembury if you wish to be.