What support is available at Cottage Hospice?

You'll be supported by fully trained volunteers as well as nursing staff. They'll be on hand should you have any concerns or need any help. 

A cornerstone of Hospice in the Weald’s fifth service, Cottage Hospice, the Informed Guide is there to empower those looking after their loved ones who are in their final days of life. The guide is there to lessen the anxiety of “I don’t know what to do”. It is presented as a suite of ‘pick up and put down’ materials presented in both video and written format.

The topics of the Informed Guide cover the practical bits of looking after your loved one, and some guidance on how to look after yourself too.

Who is the Guide for?

We use the term ‘family caregiver’ to describe the people who will be looking after their loved ones in the Cottage Hospice but the Informed Guide is full of really accessible and useful information and it can be used by anyone caring for someone at the end of their life, in their home, a hospital or hospice.

Why is it called the Informed Guide?

The title acknowledges that there is a lot of uncertainty at end of life, and that that uncertainty can lead to feelings of anxiety and worry. By helping family caregivers feel and be more ‘informed’ about what end of life can bring for our loved ones, and for those around them, we can reduce and balance that uncertainty. It cannot be removed entirely but it can be managed.