What is Cottage Hospice?

Cottage Hospice is, and will continue to aspire to be, a COVID-free site, and in the days before coming to Cottage Hospice, patients, family caregivers and their designated visitor will be tested to maintain this.

We are also taking extra precautions to keep everyone safe. Face coverings are being worn in communal areas and we are checking visitors’ temperatures on arrival. You will be given more and the most up-to-date information when you are at Cottage Hospice, or you can contact us with any questions you may have.

Cottage Hospice is our fifth service at Hospice in the Weald and is the first of its kind in the UK. Cottage Hospice is a home from home for patients and those important to them. When walking through the doors you’ll feel the calm, welcoming and reassuring atmosphere, making it feel like home for patients and those important to them.

We have created and adopted a bespoke model of care, the family caregiver model. Families continue to care for their loved one in the same way that they would at home, but with extra support just outside their door should they need it.

The family caregiver model is unique to Cottage Hospice and there is always support on hand from the well-trained workforce including nurses, nursing assistants and volunteers. Traditional Hospice Care models operate with high levels of nurse involvement, but we recognise that sometimes, families are best placed to provide the care, with that little bit of extra support. We realise that it can be hard for a caregiver to ask for help and as well as the staff, they can also find help in the Informed Guide.

Cottage Hospice is a very calm, sociable and relaxing environment: there’s a café, shared kitchen, garden and a number of quiet areas where family caregivers can go to have a break, take some time to reflect, or meet others, if they wish to do so. At Cottage Hospice, there are spaces to step back and share stories and experiences with other family caregivers which can be really helpful and comforting to all. It’s incredibly important that you take a break when caring for a loved one as it can be tiring and overwhelming in the final weeks of life; you can recharge and unwind - looking after yourself means you’ll provide the very best care you can. Family caregivers can take a step back at any time and be in the knowledge that their loved one will safe and cared for.

Patients and those important to them describe Cottage Hospice as a home from home. All 10 rooms are fully equipped and allow patients to comfortably keep their family close to them. You can bring anything with you for your room to make sure you still have your home comforts. This could be anything from soft furnishings to pictures. In the rooms, the beds are at the centre, making sure that patients are at the centre of everything we do and that they are still with their family when it matters most. There is a second bed, or a sofa bed in each room and there are also two guest rooms available for additional visitors.


Hear just how Cottage Hospice helped Helena's family during her end of life.
"Dad was able to be with Mum all the time, which was really important for them both" - Mary, Helena's Daughter. "We had beds side by side and I couldn’t have asked for anything better than that. We had lots of time to talk and we found comfort in each other. I certainly felt at home there, and that was mainly because we could remain close together. In the final stages, I stayed in the room the whole time. To get meals, I would either pop to the kitchen or someone would bring me something, which meant I could be with Helena all day long, which was the only thing I wanted. Those moments were special. It was good to be together, so closely together, all the time."- Peter, Helena's Husband. You can watch their story below: