What is Cottage Hospice?

Hospice in the Weald is currently building the UK's first Cottage Hospice, which will open in Autumn 2019.

Our fifth Service, Cottage Hospice will enable families - however they are defined - to care for their loved ones in the last weeks or days of life. As with all Hospice in the Weald Services, anyone who needs to access the Service will be able to do so free of charge.

We refer to those who will provide care to their loved ones as 'family caregivers'. Volunteers will be the first people to support, help and advise the family caregivers, facilitated by nursing staff.

Volunteers will support family caregivers in continuing to care for their loved ones, using "Informed: The family caregivers’ guide to the final days of life". Find out more about The Informed Guide here.
For more information about volunteering at Cottage Hospice, contact Holly Cowen, Head of Cottage Hospice, on 01892 820504 or holly.cowen@hospiceintheweald.org.uk.

The new Cottage Hospice building is a home from home environment. It's being built in Five Ashes, but it is for anyone in our notional catchment area. If patients choose to come, they can, from wherever they live.


You can view the progress of the build live via the site's camera.

Please note the camera is turned off at 5pm each day and at weekends, and does not refresh automatically. A new image is available every 10 minutes and will be shown after the screen is refreshed. There is also a time delay of 30 minutes from the site to the image, for security.


"If Cottage Hospice had been available last year, I would have been able to care for Elizabeth in a warm and comfortable environment where I could stay with her 24 hours a day. After 50 years of marriage I would now have the satisfaction that I had done everything possible to support my wife at the end of her life"


With Cottage Hospice, we will be able to help people like Derrick care for his wife Elizabeth at the end of her life. Read Derrick's story here.


To read the final action research report compiled by Lancaster University on Cottage Hospice, click here.