Cottage Hospice

Hospice in the Weald is currently building the UK's first Cottage Hospice, which will open in Autumn 2019.

Our fifth Service, Cottage Hospice will enable families - however they are defined - to care for their loved ones in the last weeks or days of life. As with all Hospice in the Weald Services, anyone who needs to access the Service will be able to do so free of charge.

We refer to those who will provide care to their loved ones as 'family caregivers'. Volunteers will be the first people to support, help and advise the family caregivers, facilitated by nursing staff.

For more infomation about Cottage Hospice, please contact Holly Cowen, Head of Cottage Hospice, on 01892 820504 or holly.cowen@hospiceintheweald.org.uk.