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Stephen's Story

Stephen grandad painting

Three and a half years after his diagnosis, and four treatments later, Stephen was offered a private trial, which he took a chance on… But after accepting the offer, things took a turn.

When Stephen’s symptoms, including vivid hallucinations reached their worse point, both his partner, Claire, and brother were concerned. They could see his decline and, as a result, he transferred to Hospice in the Weald in Pembury shortly after.  

“On my first night I had woken up and was just lying there with all the lights on,” Stephen says. “The nurses noticed the lights and asked if ‘I was OK?’ They sat and talked and I thought, you know what… This is good… From there it just got better and better.”

Stephen Meager

Kindness made the difference 

The Hospice’s care for Stephen made a real impact, from the ward to the kitchen. And it did not fit with his preconceptions.

“It didn’t matter who was on duty they were all very, very, very sympathetic to the way I was feeling and what I was going through and absolutely nothing, nothing was too much trouble,” says Stephen. “Sandra’s chicken soup is the best soup in the world! They’ve changed everything for me.”

Stephen continues: “The Hospice can turn your journey in a different direction. If the doctors can help you then, like me, maybe you can go home… And when it came to going home, they did everything to make sure that our home was safe for me.”  

The Hospice shouldn’t be feared 

“They made sure that we had the equipment we needed… They’ve done everything they possibly can do,” Stephen says. “The Hospice is not a place to be frightened of. It’s a place where you can find answers, it’s a place where you can find help.”

Watch Stephen's Story

Hospice in the Weald’s team is diverse, spanning beyond Clinical Nurse Specialists, Staff Nurses, Specialty Doctors, Consultants, Hospice Paramedics and Nursing Assistants. As Stephen found, the Hospice is not here only to provide end-of-life care.

The Hospice can help you or your loved one at all stages in your journey. If you have any questions, please contact us today