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Shoppers delight at Love Your Labels Lock-In

Love Your Labels Lock-In opens

It was a popular evening at Hospice in the Weald’s Sevenoaks High Street shop on Thursday with 188 shoppers buying a total of 672 items at our exclusive September Love Your Labels Lock-In.  

From 6pm-9pm, attendees browsed a large selection of high-end, high-street clothing and accessories, all hand-picked by the Hospice’s retail team. 

People of all ages visited the Sevenoaks store to capitalise on the excellent deals and items on offer, while supporting the Hospice and shopping environmentally in the process. 

Shopper Megan

“I do love a bit of charity shopping and I like finding a good bargain,” said Megan, who visited the shop in search of a big-brand bargain.

She continues: “Me and my friend have been shopping at charity shops since we were 14; I love a bit of sustainability. 

“I think it’s for a good cause and we actually have someone that we know that used the Hospice’s services recently, so I think the work they do it really important.” 

The event proved a brilliant success, highlighting the attention the Hospice’s shops receive from local fashionistas and sustainability-conscious shoppers. 

Erin at Love Your Labels

Erin also visited the store and, like Megan, had plenty of reasons to make the trip. “I love sustainable fashion; I think it saves the planet,” she claimed. 

“I always loved charity shopping because you can find so many good bits for good prices and I came last year as well, so that’s why I wanted to come.  

“It raises great money for a good cause tonight, and it’s also saving the planet as the clothes being sold are ones that people won’t use anymore.” 

The night also served as an opportunity for people to generally show their support for the Hospice, as shopper Sophia explained: “I think it’s really important to support the work that the charity does.”

Sophia shopping

“I’ve had family members supported by Hospice in the Weald and I think it’s really important to try and give back where we can, especially with something as easy as shopping,” Sophia continued.

“I come here multiple times a week and I’ve always loved sustainability and buying things from the charity shop. I find so many unique pieces and I just wanted to try to see what there was to offer.” 

Shopper admiring red jacket

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