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‘I come home ever so uplifted’ - Patsy’s Story

Patsy, a mother of two and grandmother of two, who is living with a terminal illness, explains how she is enjoying a new-found confidence after attending Living Well at the Hospice and the huge difference it has made to her life.

“When they invited me to Living Well, I sat thinking, ‘Should I?’ But my husband encouraged me, and it’s really opened my eyes to what’s out there. Now, well, I come home afterwards ever so uplifted.

Patsy and family

“It’s really not like you think. It’s more like a club – and not just for the elderly. You’re not alone.”

Patsy has tried her hand at a whole variety of crafts including beadwork, recently making friendship bracelets and pottery. “They say my pots are really rustic,” she laughs. She also has relaxation and reflexology: “I find it hard to sleep at night, so the movements help with my breathing.”
“I talk to a therapist too, that’s where I can say things I would never say to my family and know it’s not going to be repeated. You can say anything. Your true feelings.”

The biggest change, she says, is that it has given her back a sense of purpose in life.

“I felt I was just a burden. I felt helpless but didn’t want to talk about it. I now feel I’ve got something to live for.”

“I like to be thought of as useful. At Living Well, if someone wants to know how to crochet or make dolls I know I can show them.”

Patsy has recently returned to a warm welcome at Living Well after receiving care on the In-Patient Ward. “It was like being a long-lost friend. I missed it because, apart from anything else, we laugh a lot.

“My main goal now is to help others. I was stuck at home with no one to talk to. I’ve changed. If I am in a group now and I see someone sitting in the corner, not talking, I’ll go and get them. Talking and sharing makes you feel better. It’s helped me an awful, awful lot.”

Men talking about death and dying

"It’s really not like you think." | Living Well

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