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Moonlight Walk: Words from our community

Moonlight Walk 2023 - people walking wearing Hospice T-Shirts

As Moonlight Walk approaches, participants are gearing up to step out for a cause close to their hearts. Each walker has a unique and powerful reason for joining us, and their stories highlight what this event means to them and our community as a whole. Read on to discover why they’ll be supporting Hospice in the Weald and walking alongside us on June 15th…

Girl doing group exercises at Moonlight Walk 2023

Remembering together

For many, Moonlight Walk offers a powerful opportunity for collective remembrance, celebration, and laughter among loved ones.

“We’re walking for Jack, we love coming to this event – we’ve been last year, and we love it so much because it brings us all together! We can all celebrate Jack and the absolutely amazing person he was, as well as the cause of Hospice in the Weald,” explained Becky.

“I’m doing it with my friends, Sally and Lucy – we’ve all lost our fathers. We’re doing it for Lucy’s dad, Noel Page, who the Hospice really looked after. So, we’re doing it in his memory and wish everyone all the best for their walk!” added Karen.

New challenges

With three routes to choose from, including 4, 8 and 13 miles – the event is a way to take on new challenges while supporting a meaningful cause.

“I lost my nan a few years ago so I’m raising money to help with that. I’ve never done an event like this before, so I thought we’d give it a good go for the 13-mile challenge, so here we go!” said Roger.

Two boys at Moonlight Walk 2023

Walking with purpose

No matter what age, walking together holds a significant meaning in our community and offers a way to honour those who have passed on an evening filled with joy, sparkle, and connection.

“We are doing this in remembrance of our grandad who sadly passed away a year ago. More than a year… We did the walk last year as well, so we’re excited. I’m looking forward to seeing the moon!” shared Luke.

So, will you be walking in support of the Hospice this June? Whatever your reasons for joining Moonlight Walk, each step you take will allow us to continue providing care and support to those who need it most – we look forward to seeing you!

Moonlight Walk 2023 - ladies enjoying drinks

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