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Hospice Run 2023: Updates from our community

Hospice Run Warm-up

With Hospice Run 2023 fast approaching, this year’s participants will be nearing the end of their training and starting to look forward to Sunday, September 17th with much excitement.

Hospice in the Weald is expecting another fantastic turnout – with 5k, 10k, half marathon and family run runners all set to enjoy a brilliant event and day out, all while supporting Hospice in the Weald in the process.

With more distances and races being held this year than ever before, the Hospice has opened up this brilliant event to runners and supporters of all abilities. We’re proud to be able to offer more people the chance get involved.

This year, we’re working with some fantastic runners and people within the running and local community to help build the profile of our 2023 event, and encourage more people to support Hospice in the Weald.

Below, we hear from our community as we build up to the big day. From training tips to personal stories and goals, they share their thoughts and advice.

Laura – @laurasfootprints

Having grown up in Pembury, I am very familiar with Hospice in the Weald. I’ve previously attended the Christmas fairs there, and have taken part in many Moonlight Walks and Tunbridge Wells Hospice Runs. The 10K Hospice Run in 2011 was actually my first ever 10K running event!

A wasp stung me near my eye halfway through, but regardless, I loved it and was hooked, becoming a regular runner and returning to the Tunbridge Wells Hospice Run most years – including during my pregnancy in 2019.

My training so far

I’m a regular runner and like to keep myself fit. However, as a single mum to a toddler, and a career, I have very little time to myself. I invested in a running buggy during pregnancy and often take my 3-year-old out for runs, which we both enjoy!

I’m excited to take part in the 2023 Hospice Run for many reasons. I‘m local to Tunbridge Wells and always bump into old colleagues and friends on race day. I also enjoy the route of this event, which takes participants past the High Rocks.

Personal goals

Before I had my son, I could run a 5K in 22mins. Nowadays, it’s more like 28mins when I’m on my own. I’ll actually be participating with my son in his running buggy this year, which means I’ll be even slower!!  To be honest, I won’t be focussing on timings.

I’ll just be enjoying the experience and my surroundings. I have a few friends and family members taking part, so we’ll all meet up at the end together, and cheer each other on.

My race tips

Do it! Whatever your age, speed or experience. You honestly won’t regret it. ‘Magic happens outside of your comfort zone.’ Also, one of the best pieces of advice that a seasoned athlete told me – “never carry anything”. Even a small bottle of water could affect your gait, posture, balance, and cause tension in your shoulder.

Ensure you’re fully hydrated in the days and hours leading up to a big run, and make use of water stations en-route. During marathon training, I’d leave a bottle of water on my doorstep, and keep looping back past it. This piece of advice literally changed the way I ran! Also, stretch before and afterwards; and most importantly, try to relax and enjoy yourself!

Alex – @alex_chart

This is my first Hospice Run event, and I haven’t raced since 2021 when I ran The London Marathon & The Royal Parks Half Marathon so I’m really looking forward to putting on my running shoes again. My lovely Aunt spent her final days at the Hospice so it holds a special place in my heart.

Training update

I haven’t started any training yet as I’ve recently started a job as cabin crew so I’m getting used to the different time zones – my plan is to start training on the 1st September. The part that excites me the most is seeing that finish line! 😂

My targets

I would love to run it in 1:05 and if I can get to under an hour I will be doing cartwheels for the rest of the day… I just hope I can still do a cartwheel. I am running it with a lovely friend who knows first-hand how amazing Hospice in the Weald is.

Want to take part?

I would say to anyone who is considering signing up to count backwards; five, four, three, two one… click on the link and be part of it.

You can sprint, run, jog or walk, it doesn’t matter how you get round, what matters is that you are part of such an amazing run for such an amazing hospice.

Running Advice

My advice to anyone taking part is to remember everything you learnt in your training. To fuel your body before, during and after the run and to stay hydrated. Finally get your name printed on your running vest or t-shirt – if it gets tough the support around the course will call out your name and it will help, I promise.

Blair – @blair_runs

I haven’t done this event before but I’m aware of the great work the Hospice does. In terms of my running, I had a long lay off with injury this year after chasing a 2:30 marathon but getting injured in March, so I’m exited to be racing again now I’m back to training!

My race plan

I’ll be running solo, looking for a sub 36mins which will actually be a 10k PB for me as I haven’t done many races at this distance and I’m starting to enjoy it.

Race-day tips

Just do it, you’ll only ever regret not signing up!

Make sure you set off well within yourself and don’t be caught up with the pace of others. Keep smiling and remember how good you will feel at the end knowing you have done your best

Ellie – @activellie

Hospice in the Weald is an amazing organisation which has provided care and support for many people I know.I haven’t taken part in Hospice Run before, but have heard lots about it so really excited to be running it this year!

My training

Unfortunately, as comes with running, I have picked up a small injury so training has been far from perfect – but I am looking forward to running/walking/skipping to the finish line regardless.

Do I have a goal?

Just to finish, have fun and support an incredible cause. I’m lucky to have some wonderful running buddies so will be running (and chatting) with them.

If you’re unsure…

Do it!!! You won’t regret it… not once you’ve got to the finish line, got your medal and are on the runners high. 😊

On the day, don’t go out too fast… and enjoy it, running is a privilege.

Tash – @galephysio

This is the first time I’ve taken part in the race and I’m excited for many more years to come! It’s great to be running for such an amazing cause.

I have seen a lot of great things and it is amazing to see what an invaluable difference the Hospice facilities can make for patients and loved ones.

Training so far…

My training has gone well using a @runna_coach plan, whilst training for other events. I’m most excited to be running with everyone and enjoying the atmosphere!

Join the fun!

If you’re thinking of taking part, 100% do it! You won’t regret it and walking is not cheating! If you sign up, make sure you’ve fueled properly for your race and don’t try anything new on race day.

Sophie – @funbridgewells

I’ve never taken part in the Hospice Run before so I’m really looking forward to being part of it! From the start line warm up, the route itself and the finishing area with food and music to celebrate everyone that’s taken part! 

I love to shop second hand so I often pop into Hospice in the Weald charity shops when I’m in town. My Nan also recently was under Hospice care so I got to know first-hand about the amazing work the staff and volunteers do. I’m so happy to be supporting this charity by taking part in the run. 

My training


With two young children keeping me busy my training is crammed into my life – most of my training runs recently have been at 5:30am! But do you know what, I’ve actually really enjoyed it! I’m not sure if this will carry on into the autumn with the mornings getting much darker. But opening the door to deer outside, running when most of the town is still asleep, and finishing in time to get the kids ready for the day has been really satisfying. I also love to run with the kids in the buggy – luckily they love it too and cheer me on the whole way! 

This is also why I love the idea of the family fun run as I think it’s important for children to see how much exercise can make you feel great and should be a part of a healthy, fun lifestyle. I’ll definitely be taking my children to this in a couple years when they’re a bit older! 


I can’t wait to cheer on other runners and experience the atmosphere around the start and finish lines. There really is something completely absurd but completely brilliant about running alongside so many other people that are also challenging themselves in the same way, I can’t explain it but it just makes me so happy!

My goal


I’ll be running solo so I plan to go with the flow and see how my body feels while running. In my training runs I’ve been running just under 6 minutes per kilometre so I do hope to complete 10k within the hour, but we’ll see! 

Take part with me

Just do it!!! I have never ever regretted a run especially with the atmosphere and support that I know the Hospice run will have. I promise the buzz and rush you’ll feel will by far outweigh the regret of not taking part! There are different distances to choose from depending on how far you’d like to run so there’s really no excuse. 😉

My tips

Just enjoy it! Listen to your body and walk if you need to. Soak up the atmosphere, cheer on other runners and think positively throughout the run that you can and you will do it. Think about why you’re doing the run and be proud of yourself, keep your head up and focused – let’s do this!

Helen – @helengauntpt_runs

It’s actually my first race for Hospice in the Weald though I have often considered entering the well-established 10k! I regularly donate to the local Hospice charity shops – and can see it’s a wonderful organisation, making a positive difference to many people needing care during terminal illness. My dad sadly spent his final days in a hospice and it was such a supportive place for both him and my family.

How has my training gone?

I’m excited to try the brand new half marathon route which Hospice in the Weald is launching this year. I’ve been getting into my training over the summer and I’m just getting back to racing after London marathon. As a mum of three it’s handy to have races on my doorstep to practice the distances before some high-profile events.

My target

I’ll be running the half marathon solo, but will enjoy seeing some familiar faces at the event, both running and supporting. My plan is simply taking each mile as it comes, aiming for the best time on the day. I know it’s a new and hilly course so it’s hard to target it with an average pace or estimated finish time.

Why you should take part

I’d say if you’re around on the day and want a supported training run it’s so motivating to run with others and crowd support, plus it’s a great opportunity to try out a new route and run for a good cause.

There are options of all distances; 5k, 10k and half marathon and even races for kids.

Race day tips

Pace your race sensibly, don’t get carried away by starting too fast with the pack. Try to relax, soak up the atmosphere and race-day vibes, don’t put pressure on yourself, immerse yourself in enjoying the run! And try to keep going even if you have a challenging patch – after every uphill stretch remember there comes a downhill or some flat! Hydrate and fuel well before, during (and after) to get the best out of your body.


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