Hospice Voices

Debbie's story

Debbie shares her experiences after her partner Mark was cared for on the In-Patient Ward. Debbie stayed with Mark for almost a month so they could be together in his final hours.

Debbie said, "When we settled into the IPW, there was no discussion with the staff about me staying. I felt that they were there for me, as well as Mark. I felt that I had the freedom to be there and to be whatever I wanted to be."



She continued, "Having that time with Mark 24/7 for a month gave us the opportunity to talk and to say all the things we wanted to say. We were lucky - a lot of people don't get that opportunity. About two weeks in and not knowing whether it would be a week, two weeks or another month, I remember Mark saying that he was ready for what was going to happen and that he felt comfortable with it.

I think that the Hospice gave him the ability to be dignified and accept what was coming and to know that the Hospice was the best place he could be, for that to happen. It was the most important thing that the Hospice gave Mark".