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People to Tell and Things to be done

In time, there many people that may need to be told about a loved ones death. This may include:
  • Your loved ones family, friends and extended network
  • The local Social Services Department if the person was getting meals-on-wheels, home help, day centre care or had borrowed equipment
  • A loved one’s GP
  • Any employer who was paying a salary or pension
  • Insurance companies (if you are insured to drive the car under the deceased’s name, you will to be legally insured)
  • Gas, electricity, oil and telephone suppliers if applicable
  • The local housing department/housing authority if the person who died was living in authority/housing association housing
  • The Post Office so that mail can be redirected to the personal representative
  • The Bank or Building Society (joint accounts automatically become sole ownership of the survivor but sole accounts are frozen at the time of notification).
Things that need to be returned

There are a few things that may need to be returned following a loved ones death.  This often need to be accompanied by a note of explanation/date of death and relevant documents

  • Any giro cheques, benefit or pension books to the Department of Work and Pensions
  • Registration documents of a car for change of ownership to be recorded
  • Driving licence
  • Any season tickets (such as travel) – claim any refund due
  • Any Hospice in the Weald or NHS equipment
  • Library books and tickets
  • Membership cards of associations and clubs – claim any refund due
  • Passport
  • Blue Badge (for parking)