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Funeral costs and paying for your funeral

There are a number of cost considerations to take into account when planning a funeral. If you’ve never thought about, or helped plan a funeral, it can be difficult to know where costs come from, so we’ve listed many of the common costs that people incur.
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Ways to pay for a funeral

  • A pre-paid funeral plan can let you pay for your funeral in advance, but while things like burial and cremation fees are covered, pre-paid plans don’t cover all the funeral costs. Do check what is covered before starting a plan.
  • Paying for the funeral from the estate. If there are funds from the deceased’s estate (including Life Assurance payment) it is expected that this will be used to pay for the funeral. Most Banks usually agree to release money for the funeral as quickly as possible. The Bank will let you know which documents you need to provide, but it is normal for them to ask for the death certificate and the invoice from the Funeral Director.

Where do costs come from?

  • Funeral Directors fees, including transport and care of the body.
  • Disbursements, (unavoidable fees) if you use a funeral director, they normally pay for these, can include burial or cremation fees, clergy or celebrant fees, fixed fee for the doctor who completes the medical certificate if you want to be cremated. However if the death is referred to the coroner , the coroner will issue a certificate for cremation.
  • Discretionary costs, for example a more expensive coffin, cars for the family, flowers, catering, organist, order of service, announcement in the paper.
Help with Funeral Payments

Funeral Expenses Payment.

If you are arranging your loved ones funeral, you may be able to get a Funeral Expenses Payment (also called a Funeral Payment) if you get certain benefits and need help to pay for a funeral you are arranging.

Funerals can be expensive and there are a variety of sources to help with funeral costs. This website has helpful guides and links to support you.