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Advance Care Planning

What is Advance Care Planning?

It is a process of discussion between you and those who provide care for you, for example your nurses, doctors, care home manager, or family members. During this discussion you may wish to express some views, preferences and wishes about your future care.

We can discuss with you about Advance Care Planning at a time that is right for you and those important to you. Having an Advance Care Plan means you are involved in what your care and support, both medically and personally, means for you and is right for you and your circumstances. It can be adjusted at any time to reflect changes in your needs and wishes.

The types of support this can give you ranges from discussing about legal aspects such as making your Will or a Power of Attorney, through to what your medical care may look like with the supply of suitable medical equipment, Continuing Health Care provision and including where you would prefer to die. It can also include what you would like to happen if you have a pet that would need to be cared for. It is your Advance Care Plan so will be about what is important for you.

An Advance Care Plan is about your wishes being written down at a time you can give this some thought with the advice and support of our healthcare professionals. Having conversations around planning your care and your needs can give you peace of mind that everyone around you understands what your wishes are.

Advance care planning offers people the opportunity to plan their future care and support, including medical treatment, while they have the capacity to do so.  (NICE Dec 21)

Download our Advance Care Plan Booklet

This booklet is a patient held record, and should be shared with the health professionals caring for you. This booklet has been developed as a joint initiative between NHS West Kent and our neighbouring Hospices in the South East.