Fund a Nurse

“When we arrived at the Hospice I was overwhelmed by the kindness and ability of the nurses to adapt to all my Mum’s possible needs.” - Julie

We've been providing care to our patients and those important to them for 40 years, thanks to your support.

This year, we have recruited more nurses, to help us cope with the impacts of COVID. Your donation will help make sure that our Nurses are there to care for local families who need Hospice care now, and those who will need it in the future.


Click here the button below to donate to our Fund a Nurse appeal and ensure local people get the Hospice care they need.

This year, Julie has written to our supporters to share her story from when her Mother, Janet, was cared for by the Hospice Nurses. You can read more of Julie’s story here.

“Please help to fund a nurse this Christmas with a gift of £10 and help ensure that Hospice care is available for other families like mine who will need it in the future.” Julie