Take Part

Why not take part in an event?

Hospice in the Weald offers corporate discounts on event entry encouraging local organisations to take part.  Not only will you be helping to raise vital funds for the Hospice but at the same time your team will benefit from a challenge, building team work and spirit and also for your organisation to benefit from association with Hospice in the Weald.  This was very much the case for one local company, NDK Consulting (pictured) who took part in the 2019 Hospice Run.

Lauren Myburgh, NDK's Talent Manager and Social Media Coordinator, commented  "We went and met the team at Hospice in the Weald and instantly decided that we wanted to take part in this event. Some of our team decided they wanted to run the 10k run and others volunteered on the day. The whole day was really thought out, it was clear and easy to understand where to go and who to speak with. The whole atmosphere was brilliant, from fellow runners to volunteers supporting and cheering every step of the way. It was great that the organisers at Hospice in the Weald catered for everyone and made the day so enjoyable.”

If you are interested in your team participating in one of our many events, then please contact Minh Lan Nguyen on 01892 820540 or email minhlan.nguyen@hospiceintheweald.org.uk to discuss how we can help you and what event best suits your organisation.