Fundraise & Get Involved

We need to raise over £8 million every year to provide outstanding Hospice care to the local community. To get involved with our fundraising activities, design your own, or make a donation, use the information on this page.

£50 Challenge

Money Tree
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How it works

Step one: We give you £50 to kickstart your fundraising.

Step two: You have three month to grow that money anyway you like.

Step three: We check in and help with your fundraising.

Step four: Complete the three months and we have a cheque presentation with your grand total!


Email :

or call 01892820533 to sign up

A cheque for £1,500 being handed over in front of a Jaguar car

Ways to fundraise

Create a challenge - Hike, Run or Swim and most importantly get sponsored or match funded.

Host a quiz night and charge people to attend, why not add on a raffle to the night.

Trade your way, use the £50 to purchase an item and keep trading that item up to better things to finally sell in the last month.

Squerryes Winery

Why take part

The £50 Challenge is easy, we give you £50 and you use your skills to grow this money as much as possible.

You and your team get to be creative and work together while supporting your local Hospice.

Work to your time scale, don't have a set date to fundraised just take 3 months and work around your lifestyle.

Take on the challenge