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Preparing for Death

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Swedes and Australians share a pragmatism that is reflected in the way they approach death. Marie Kondo – the Japanese organising guru – says to part with anything that doesn’t spark joy when touched.

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The Swedish author, Margareta Magnusson asks her fellow Swedes to take responsibility for tidying up their lives as they approach middle age, to make their eventual passing easier for their family and friends to deal with. They call it ‘Döstädning’, which translates as ‘Death Cleaning’.

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Australians are similarly down to earth, and every August 8th they celebrate ‘Dying to Know Day’. This annual campaign encourages all Australian adults to take control of personal planning for their futures.

Adults are encouraged to prioritise self-advocacy for end-of-life planning and to embrace personal choices so that they truly align with their values, wishes and who they are as individuals. Dying to Know Day encourages people to have these tough conversations now.