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Children and Young People

A child with a teddy bear who has a plaster on their head
female child in wheelchair and adult female outside

Children and young people who are patients

Children cope best with the realities of their condition when they are given honest, age appropriate information about their condition and the chance to ask questions. Children have a great capacity to understand and cope with their condition, especially if things are explained in ways that they can grasp easily and are supported to identify and learn strategies to help them manage. Counselling can help children and young people express and explore how they feel and find ways to manage overwhelming emotions and thoughts.

Young children hugging whilst playing

Children and young people who are siblings of a patient

Having a sibling with a serious or life limiting condition can be very confusing ad conflicting. Without an opportunity to find the words to express how they feel some children and young people can externalise their feelings through their behaviours. Having an opportunity to express and deal with these feelings can make a real difference.