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We need to raise over £8 million every year to provide outstanding Hospice care to the local community. To get involved with our fundraising activities, design your own, or make a donation, use the information on this page.

How we can help

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The 'big' questions

There may be questions relating to finding meaning, especially when faced with a serious illness or approaching the end of one’s life.  Questions may arise which can feel difficult and complex.

Some people find it helpful to explore their anxieties or fears about what happens when they die, or after death, and ease these worries through sharing them.

Our chaplains are trained, sensitive listeners who can give you time and space to explore these difficult questions in a safe and comfortable environment. We support people in person, on the phone, or via video conferencing software such as zoom.

We can also help connect you to a church or faith/belief community  in your area that may be able to offer ongoing pastoral support and connection.

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Grieving and Bereavement

The chaplains support patients and those important to them, and they are often there when a loved one dies. We are happy  to be a ‘presence’ in the room with you if you feel this would give you strength and comfort.

We can continue to support you afterwards informally, or in conjunction with our counselling and support service. 

We can especially help with the spiritual or religious aspects of grief that can be very personal or difficult to talk about, such as anger at God, loss of faith or indeed, deepening of faith.

If you are not religious  we don’t believe that this means you don’t have a spiritual life or needs. Spirituality encompasses many aspects of what it means to be human. Perhaps most importantly, we understand spirituality to be about what gives us hope.

We are here to offer experienced and compassionate, non judgemental presence. A listening ear, when you need it.

We have compiled some prayers and poems that you may find helpful or comforting at this time.


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Funeral Planning

It may seem a daunting task to be organising a funeral in the midst of loss and grief. Being organised enough and making clear decisions is difficult when you are bereaved. Even when a death occurs with some warning, we can be surprised by the sense of shock and turmoil of emotions and how tiring this can be.

Seeking trusted support is important as well as looking after yourself if you are dealing with a range of unfamiliar tasks and balancing the expectations and needs of others. Having some clear aims about how to go forward is important at this difficult time.

We have put together some resources for you to help you navigate