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What does Valentine's Day mean to you?

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This year, for Valentine’s Day, we spoke with a handful of people at Hospice in the Weald about what the popular day means to them. From traditions and funny memories to considerations on the day’s importance, we dug deep into a variety of topics… Read on to find out more – and watch the full video at the bottom of the page!

Hannah, Creative Musician

What people think

We asked a volunteer, patient, family member, and selection of staff the same set of questions to see how their answers varied. In summary, every answer was different – showing the beauty of love and what that means to us all as individuals, throughout different stages of life. 

There was an overall theme to what was being said, however. Spending the day with other people, whether it be with a partner or friends and family, is important to everyone we asked. Being there for those who need us on Valentine’s Day and throughout the year, was very much highlighted. 

Geraint, Volunteer

The true value of a meal

Some people see Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to enjoy a special drink or meal with their loved ones. While this is one way to celebrate, donating the cost of a much-loved ‘Dine in for two’ meal deal to the Hospice this year could also make a huge difference… 

While some of those we spoke with mentioned looking forward to a go-to meal, the £15 spent on this could towards the cost of a counselling session to help someone deal with bereavement. Similarly, by donating the cost of a two-course meal for one this Valentines Day, £28 could fund an hour of nursing care here at the Hospice. 

Louisa, Relationship Fundraiser

Gifts and making memories

It’s lovely to gift a card on Valentine’s Day too, and even nicer to save the ones given to you. But if you can donate the cost of a card, £5 could go toward buying craft materials for use in our Living Well programme of activities. There really is so much we can do with the kind donations we receive. 

It’s important that we appreciate the people around us, something echoed in the answers we gathered, and sharing the occasion with those people does just that. So, when doing this year, remember that a donation of £8 could help our catering team provide the breakfast, lunch, and dinner of someone’s choice.

WATCH: The Hospice talks Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to you, wherever and however you’re spending it, and we thank you for helping to fund the Hospice operations.
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