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Our volunteers share their stories

A woman in a white shirt volunteers a Hospice in the Weald, holding hands with the patients as they stroll through the gardens.

At Hospice in the Weald, volunteers are at the heart of our community, offering their time, skills, and care to ensure we can provide the service we do. This Volunteers’ Week, we want to shine a light on some of these amazing individuals and their reasons for getting involved – read on to learn more.

Craig, Creative Content Volunteer

Meaningful connection

Craig, a Creative Content Volunteer in the Communications team, was motivated to offer support due to a personal connection with Hospice in the Weald.

“Like most people, I went through life not giving the Hospice too much thought. But, when we needed help, the Hospice stepped in with care and support, lifting much of our burden.

“Volunteering allows me to give something back. Angela, my wife, has always volunteered at the Hospice so, for me, volunteering is also a continuing connection with her.

“In volunteering, as in all work, it’s the people you work with (not forgetting the coffee and cake!) that make it rewarding and there is a real satisfaction in being part of something that delivers so much to so many when they need it most,” shared Craig.

Jean, Cottage Hospice Volunteer

Giving back with empathy

Jean began volunteering at Cottage Hospice last year, bringing empathy and a desire to help others as a result of her personal experiences.

“I have been volunteering since last September. My husband died last year and after several years of caring for him, I felt I could empathise with patients, and their families. I can understand what they are going through.

“I also, until retirement, was a GP receptionist and missed interacting with patients. I am not a qualified nurse, so my time at the Hospice is spent giving whatever help I can to the nursing staff and housekeepers.

“Mostly, of course, I love talking to the patients and their families. It helps me too and I end each session feeling valued.”

Matthew, HR and Fundraising Volunteer

Fulfilment and community

Matthew, who supports HR and Fundraising, found a new sense of purpose through volunteering and enjoys the relaxed and friendly environment.

“After taking early retirement 6 years ago, I needed to find something to do and decided to start voluntary work at Hospice in the Weald.

“What I enjoy most about volunteering here is the team I work with. The Hospice is just such a nice place, and you’re even allowed to bring your dogs to the office!” explained Matthew.

Priscilla, Reception Volunteer
Janet, Reception Volunteer

Joyful contribution

For Priscilla and Janet, our Volunteer Receptionists, volunteering is about joy, community, and making a difference.

“I love the happy environment, meeting and helping people, giving something back to the community, and being part of a lovely team!” said Priscilla.

“I am retired but still enjoy being busy and having a role, the Hospice is a lovely, friendly place to volunteer,” added Janet.

While we recognise and rely on the efforts of our volunteers all year round, Volunteers’ Week offers a time to celebrate their extraordinary contributions. To all our volunteers – thank you for everything you do!

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