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Our Garden Transformation

A Victorian style greenhouse, new sculptures and planting are among the delights being enjoyed following the first stage of our Hospice gardens redevelopment.
Overcoming storm damage and shortages of building materials due to Brexit and COVID restrictions, our dedicated team of staff and volunteers have transformed areas of the upper gardens at Pembury to create more easily accessible outdoor spaces for all.
Greenhouse through the trees, in the Garden

Victorian style greenhouse

The addition of this beautiful greenhouse provides patients and loved ones with a sheltered place to enjoy horticultural activities year-round as part of our Living Well service. Potting shelves at waist height and easy access for wheelchair users ensure everyone can get involved and learn new skills. This lovely new structure was made possible thanks to a generous donation received from a supporter whose wife, Ann, was cared for at the Hospice.

Arty Egg amongst planters and greenhouse in garden

Seating area and planters for all

To make best use of the space outside the Living Well Centre, we have new outdoor seating and raised planters for patients and families to use.

At the centre of this circular area is ‘Rhythms of Life’, an egg shaped sculpture from local artist Marion Brandis.

With images of apple trees (the tree of Kent), and bullfinches (dependent on the orchards), the sculpture depicts growth and the circular nature of life.

Hidden among the foliage are special mosaics of angels and hearts designed to represent Hospice staff.

Flowers in garden

New planting

Simon Probyn’s Moongate sculpture adds further architectural interest. New trees include a Sorbus Olympic Flame marking The Queen’s Jubilee. New planting includes raised beds outside patients’ rooms with witch hazel, perfumed daphne, echinacea, thyme and grasses, for movement.

Tonbridge GP Richard Claxton, who uses his medical knowledge to design gardens for those with chronic conditions, has been involved since the start. From providing concept plans used by architect Malcom Cassam to commissioning sculptures, Richard has worked with Lead Volunteer Gardener, Carole Marks throughout.

Richard said: “As a local GP and resident, I’ve long had a warm place in my heart for the extraordinary work that Hospice in the Weald does. I’m so pleased it will enhance the biodiversity and ecology of the site, and showcase the beautiful sculptural works.”

Gardening team in the garden at the Hospice

Our hard working and dedicated gardening volunteers, who work all year round to nurture our beautiful Hospice gardens, have played a key role in the project.