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Hospice Care Week 2023: Our workforce and the meaning of Hospice Care

Hospice Care Week Banner

Hospice Care Week kicks off on October 9th, giving us the opportunity to introduce you to some of our incredible staff who make a positive impact on the lives of others.

From nurses to counsellors, and volunteers to housekeeping, all members of the Hospice in the Weald workforce are valued and make a genuine difference.

Here, we hear from some of our team about their roles, why they enjoy working at the Hospice, and what Hospice Care means to them.

Kerry Norman

Going the extra mile

Meet Kerry

“I’m Head of In-Patient Care here at Hospice in the Weald. So, essentially, my job is to oversee both sites; that’s Cottage Hospice with our 10 beds, and here at the In-Patient Ward at Pembury with our 15 beds. It’s my job to work out where patients need to be and where we offer the beds for them to come in. I’m a nurse by background and I’ve been here at the Hospice for almost ten years!

“So for me, Hospice Care is all about what’s important to the patient. We find out the things that really make a difference for them and we then try and tailor their care to support those needs. We always go the extra mile to make sure patients get exactly what they need and what they want at the right time.”

Laura Parratt

Support with a smile

Meet Laura

“I’m a Nursing Assistant here on the Ward in Pembury and alongside other nurses, I do what I can to support patients and their loved ones with everything they need. Hospice Care to me means being a friendly face, a shoulder to cry on, and a source of support at the most challenging time in people’s lives.”

Hospice Care Week 2023

A sense of love, kindness and life

Meet Claire

“I’m a Chaplain here at the Hospice and have a team of five volunteers who work alongside me. We offer pastoral, spiritual, and religious care to people with faith or no faith, and are here to listen. We visit patients on the ward, in Living Well and connect with people out in the community.

“Hospice care for me is that wrap-around care. People often say they have not been into a hospice before and have been a little bit scared about the idea of coming. But, when they arrive, they are just amazed by the sense of love, kindness, and life here. I certainly get a buzz from being here each day.

“So, I guess it’s about seeing the person in the patient; they’re not just a person with a clinical condition, but a whole person with passions, interests, joys, and challenges. That’s what makes each of us tick, it’s what makes us human. So, I really enjoy being here, helping people find hope and bringing light into dark places.”

Hospice Care Week 2023

Empowering patients and those important to them

Meet Paul

“I’m the Care Director and look after our In-Patient Ward in Pembury, Cottage Hospice in Five Ashes, our Counselling and Support Service, and Living Well. I make sure all our services are running, available for patients and loved ones, and that they give the best possible care to those accessing them!

“To me, hospice care is about empowering patients and those important to them at a really critical point in their history, and when I think of Hospice in the Weald, a couple of things come to mind… We focus on the patient but also anyone important to them, whether that be family members, friends, or even pets. We look after all of them and the care and support are free.

“People are often surprised by what hospices can do and think that they are places for people who are really ill or have very limited time. But we work with patients and their loved ones much earlier than that, and strive to make the last period of their lives as fulfilling as possible.”