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Gillian's Story

One of Gillian's Watercolours
How Living Well has helped me

Gillian, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2018, explains the benefits of the Living Well Programme, which she currently attends online.

“This has helped me more than I can possibly say, making new friends who I could empathise with, who had similar issues and so we could help each other. There is no judgement, everyone is in a similar position, just on a different journey.”

As part of her programme, Gillian attends a seated exercise class which she says helps her physical and mental well-being and finds relaxation classes particularly beneficial, using the calming techniques whenever she needs to relax. She also attends watercolour painting.

“I was a little nervous of joining, as I had never attempted water colour painting. I needn’t have been, as the group are such fun. I find it totally absorbing and enjoy the serenity it brings me.”

Gillian Eade

Living with my illness

Gillian looks forward to receiving boxes of materials sent by the Hospice for online craft sessions, creating painted mugs, scented soap and air-dried clay pieces.

“We laugh when things go wrong, but I feel a real sense of achievement when I finish a project. It helps to rebuild some of the confidence that I have lost whilst living with my illness.”

One of Gillian's Watercolours

Regaining control of my life

“The programme gives structure to my week and purpose to my days. Anyone living alone will understand how it can bring companionship and laughter into your life. I can be distracted and don’t think about my illness. The opportunities to learn and develop new skills to help you regain some control of your life is incredible.”