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Four top tips for shopping second hand

Clothing on a rail

We teamed up with fashion and charity shopping enthusiast, Katie Lou, to talk all-things second-hand and get her top tips for finding affordable and sustainable fits. Read on to discover more and learn how shopping at Hospice in the Weald makes a difference!

1. Have an open mind

“If you’re new to charity shopping, be open-minded. Many have the misconception that charity shops are full of old clothes and junk that no one wants anymore, but they couldn’t be more wrong,” Katie said. “They are often full of hidden treasures, and purchasing from and supporting charities like Hospice in the Weald means that they can continue providing vital services, as well as empowering the patients and families under their care.”

2. Plan a fun day out

Katie continued: “Make a day of it, once you’ve been in one charity shop you might just get the bug – so why not plan a charity shop crawl and somewhere nice to stop off for lunch!”

3. Familiarise yourself with styles you like

“Going to a charity shop isn’t like going to just any shop. With a charity shop, you never know what you are going to find – which is part of the fun,” she said. “Sometimes you might come out with nothing and other times you’ll come out with half the shop. If you are someone who gets easily overwhelmed, take a look at your wardrobe and figure out what it is you like in terms of colours, shapes, and fabrics first, as this can make it easier to find pieces.”

4. Get to know your local charity shops

Katie’s final tip: “Shopping second-hand helps contribute to sustainability as it offers a new life to garments which may have otherwise been thrown away. So start with getting to know charity shops that are local to you – this will not only be an eco-friendlier option but you can find some really unique pieces, and your money will go to a great cause!”

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