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Daniella's Story

Daniella and Godfrey

“My grandad was known as Brian, but his first name was Godfrey. We think it was a strong first name. But he never used it, and he was such a family man. My favourite memory of him is every Christmas he would play father Christmas. He would come to his daughters and sons houses, and he’d carry a big sack of presents. He was just the kindest soul, but very fixed, very old school,” says Daniella, Godfrey’s daughter. 

Godfrey with dogs
Daniella as a child with Godfrey

“He was initially diagnosed with stage three prostate cancer three years before he eventually passed away from it. And at that point, the Hospice nurses came in to see us and check periodically that everything was okay. They set up bits and bobs in the house so that we could help with the pain management side of things. But grandma did really well and, for the most part,  they were in the background,” Daniella continues.

And then the time came, and the medical team said it’s probably time you moved into the Hospice. And the arrangement was just fantastic. We had the most amazing couple of weeks we could have had with him. You just can’t even think about how amazing that experience was.”

Daniella at Hospice Run
Daniella after Hospice Run
Daniella completes Hospice Run

Daniella adds: “The people that work at the Hospice are incredible. The last couple of years I did the Hospice Run to honour them and to be able to give something back and raise some money to help them keep going and ensure they can provide care to other families. But we need everyone to be aware of it and fundraise. All my friends got together, and we ran the 5K. They were so proud of themselves because they’re not really runners. They knew how important it was to me.”

Woman prepares for Hospice Run

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