Hospice Voices

Sarah's story


Sarah has taken part in numerous fundraising activities raising money and supporting Hospice in the Weald, helping to ensure that we can continue to provide our vital care and support to Patients, Families and Carers.

Here’s why raising money for Hospice in the Weald is so important to Sarah.

My mother, Susan, was a patient at Hospice in the Weald. She had motor neurone disease. My first impressions of the Hospice were not what I had expected at all. When you hear the word ‘Hospice’ you think of a morbid place but it could not have been more different. It was such a peaceful and welcoming place. It actually felt more like a holiday home than a facility for end of life care.

She had multiple stays in the Hospice so that my Dad could take a break from being a carer and to manage her symptoms and medication in a safe environment. She was very anxious about everything as she was unable to speak or move but the nurses made her feel so comfortable through such a difficult time. She sadly lost her fight in October 2017 but was so grateful for all the support she received from the hospice. She was planning to go to the hospice to die but ended up passing very suddenly and unexpectedly at home one morning.

My most memorable moments at the hospice were laughing with the nurses. They are all so kind and not at all doom and gloom as I expected. My mother was severely unwell and they still managed to get her laughing with them. The staff at the hospice were all so kind and reassuring for my father and I whilst my mother was there. They did everything they could to explain what was going on and everything they could to help. My father has received counselling from the hospice before and after my mother's death and it has really helped him come to terms with the situation. I've taken part a few events and campaigns run by Hospice in the Weald and I will be jumping from a plane skydiving to raise more money for this wonderful charity.

I know she was so grateful for all the help that she received and we just wanted to give something back for all the support that Hospice in the Weald gave us as well as her.