The Benefits of Your Membership

The benefits of your regular gift

Lottery members have raised a staggering £580,000 toward the £7 million it costs every year to fund our services. Collectively, this contribution is enough to fund one of the five services we provide – our Hospice Day Service. The hospice is not part of the NHS and rely on the generosity of our community to help us fund our vital and free of charge services.

Reasons to join - from our Lottery members!


“About 6 years ago I spent a night at the Hospice in the Weald, sitting at the bedside of my dying friend. There was such an atmosphere of peace and comfort throughout the Hospice. I called the nurses a few times and they came and gently eased and calmed both my friend and me. They were like guardian angels, just there, just what we needed. I feel sure this will be the experience of many and so I hope that in some small way, by supporting the weekly Lottery, this level of care can be maintained.”

Vickie Brown, Lottery member


“I used to work for Hospice in the Weald as a volunteer for many years, so the charity has always been close to my heart. I was a volunteer in the Homecare section for a few years, and then as one of the founder members in the Flower department when I used to give demonstrations to the patients and indeed some staff, at special times of the year. There was always an extremely happy atmosphere in the Hospice, and it was a pleasure to meet all the staff and patients. Since moving to a new area, I’ve continued to support the essential good work the Hospice provides, through my Lottery membership”

Jane Hubbard, Lottery Member   


“What a lovely surprise to receive your letter and prize on winning £50.00. Our family have always supported the Hospice, even before the hospice was built, and it was in a house on Tunbridge Road. I think I still have the card from when I donated to have a daffodil planted in the Hospice gardens. The work and care given by the staff and volunteers, to the patients, and to their families, is simply wonderful and I congratulate you all.”

Miss Holman, a long-term supporter and Raffle winner