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Labyrinths are not mazes (there is one way in, and out) rather, they are a way to focus and slow our thought processes through walking and symbolism.

Walking the labyrinth can be  a meaningful way to find calm, inner strength and peace.  can be walked alone, or in the company of a chaplain who can guide you with prayer or meditative focus. It  is laid out on hard standing so that it can be easily used by wheelchairs. Patients and those important to them, are very welcome to use the labyrinth. if you need assistance to do this, let a member of staff know.

Our gardens are open to anyone who wants to see them, and you are welcome to walk the labyrinth. Do let the chaplains know if you are a visitor, and would like to come and use the labyrinth.

Below is a very simple meditation to use when you are walking the labyrinth.

You can find our more about labyrinths, their design, history, use and significance, from the Labyrinth Society. 

Image shows the hospice labyrinth with the sun shining on it, and the shadows of trees

REFLECT  – Pause at the beginning and take a quiet few moments. What would you like to receive from this experience? What would you like to let go of?

RELEASE – Begin walking the path, and offer whatever is in your heart. You may wish to think of the first part of the journey as releasing any concerns or worries that you have.

RECEIVE – When you reach the centre, pause, and imagine receiving whatever your heart  needs right now. Breathe gently. Take your time.

RETURN – When you are ready, begin the return journey. Take a few moments as you  complete the labyrinth to reflect on how you feel.

A Labyrinth Blessing

May each step root you deeply

in the loveliness of the

present moment.


May the twists and turns on the

way encourage you to be ever

open to the changes in your life.


May the still point at the centre

keep you mindful of that

Sacred place in your own

inner being.


May the path outward and

beyond, empower you to radiate

peace and hope to all.


May the labyrinth journey weave

in you, a sense of everlasting

connectedness with the

great journey of life.

 ~Barbara Bailey RHSM  (reproduced with permission)