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Make a referral to Hospice in the Weald

If you would prefer to make your referral over the phone or need to speak to one of our team urgently please phone 01892 820515

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Make a referral

Reason for Referral

What care and support does the person you are referring to Hospice in the Weald require?

Discover more about what we offer by visiting the Access our Care section from our menu.

Consent to Refer

If you are completing this form on behalf of a patient who is unable to provide verbal or written consent, please let us know why you are making this referral on their behalf

Details of the person you are referring

Would the patient be able to communicate via telephone or video? If not please provide details for best communication.

GP Name and Location

Clinical information

We aim to assess all patients within 14 days of referral receipt, depending on their situation.

If you are concerned that your patient requires an urgent assessment, please call a member of the team on 01892 820515.

In order to help us assess the patient’s needs and suitability to Hospice care – please provide us with copies of the following information:
- Copy of recent consultant / clinic letters
- Any recent test results
- Any recent results from diagnostic testing (MRI, X-ray, etc.)
- Any relevant blood test result

Send this information to ** with the person's name and Date of Birth or NHS Number as the subject line.


TO AVOID UNNECESSARY DELAY PLEASE ENSURE FORM IS FULLY COMPLETED AND ALL SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION PROVIDED (i.e. Clinic Letters, Scan Reports, MDT Reports, Patient Summaries and any other information relevant to this referral)