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Support after a child’s death

We are here to support you, and your loved ones through difficult times, and can offer support after a child’s death in different ways.
Counsellor and client outside with tea

Emotional Support

As prepared as you might be for the death of a child, it can affect people in different ways; ways you wouldn’t expect it to.

Our counselling is free and is accessible to all families that have a child registered with our Hospice or has a connection with any other local Hospice. Our therapeutic support for children and families has greater flexibility than individual counselling. Sessions are shaped to suit each family with their individual needs and preferences for as long as is required. We are very aware that for many families a grieving process begins when their child’s condition is diagnosed. We stay very mindful of this with psychological support throughout their journey

Counselling is a talking therapy, giving you a space to talk freely to someone independent, who won’t pass judgement, to explore how you are feeling and work on how to process those feelings and emotions. 

Spending time with your child at home 

We know that saying goodbye is a unique experience and one that is very personal to you. If your child dies at home, keeping them there for a little longer can give families time and space to grieve. We can help give you time to spend together by using our specialist equipment such as a cold blanket or a cuddle cot, in an unobtrusive way in the home.