Medical & Nursing Care

Our medical and nursing teams are highly experienced in the management of all aspects of Hospice care including physical, psychological and spiritual care.  The teams work closely together as well as with other Hospice employees including therapists, chaplain, catering and housekeeping staff to provide for patient, family and carers needs in a holistic and individualised manner.

Medical Care at Hospice in the Weald

The Hospice doctors work across all Hospice services.  We see patients in the Hospice In-Patient Ward, Hospice Day Service, in their own homes, as an out-patient at the Hospice or on the wards at Tunbridge Wells Hospital. Patients on the In-Patient Ward are seen daily by a doctor (including weekends) and Hospice in the Home patients can be seen by a Hospice doctor at home.  One of the doctors is always on call at weekends and overnight, with a Consultant always available for advice if needed.

The patients we look after are terminally ill and their medical needs can be complicated at times.  We work very closely with all patients, their families and carers to ensure we always offer individualised and patient-centred care.   Working with the nursing and counselling staff, we give the time and space needed to discuss issues that are important to patients, families and carers and to support them through what can be a very difficult time.

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Nursing Care at Hospice in the Weald

Nursing at Hospice in the Weald is delivered by a single nursing team.  We consider ourselves to be colleagues regardless of the area in which we work or the grade at which we work.  Our common aim is to provide the best specialist hospice palliative care we can.  We can only do this if we share the common vision which keeps the patient, and not the service, at the centre of everything we do.

There are roughly 100 members of the nursing team; the words nursing, sister or matron feature in the role title of every member of the team so they are identifiable to everyone they come into contact with as a nurse.

Volunteer Nursing Assistants are identifiable by their lilac uniforms; Nursing Assistants wear grey and Staff Nurses light blue.  The Sisters wear a navy blue uniform and the Matrons navy blue with white dots. The Clinical Nurse Specialists, Advanced Nurse Practitioner and Nursing Director do not wear uniform.

Our philosophy of care as a Medical and Nursing team reflects that of the wider Hospice which is to enable patients and their family and carers to get as much from their remaining life as is possible; we focus on living and not dying.  We support families and carers to remain in control of the care of their loved one and to deliver as much hands on care as they feel comfortable with.  We want to work with our patients, families and carers rather than simply providing care to you.