Visitors Information

Our In-Patient Ward remains open during COVID. We are following guidance from Public Health England and the NHS, by asking patients on our In-Patient Ward to designate two visitors  and to use telephone or video calls instead wherever they can. We ask visitors who have symptoms of COVID or anyone in their household with symptoms not to visit.

Without seeing it for yourself, it can be difficult to imagine what our In-Patient Ward is like. It’s often described by patients and their loved ones as a calm, tranquil and peaceful place to be – almost a haven. Some rooms face out onto beautiful apple orchards, whilst others open into our stunning Hospice gardens. All the rooms are individual and have their own bathroom. We know how important it is to be close to loved ones, and have worked hard to ensure every patient still has time with their families throughout the COVID crisis. We will always be flexible and accommodating for each family, whatever their needs. The Welcome Desk means that no matter the time, someone will be around to answer any questions. Our Nursing Staff are always on hand with a smile. The In-Patient Ward at the Hospice is a bright, warm and welcoming place to be.


You are welcome to visit to see a loved one at any time of the day or night. If our Reception is closed, you will need to go to the night entrance (to the right of main reception) and ring the bell.

We have ample parking which is free of charge.

Children are welcome to visit the hospice at any time.

We actively encourage visits from well behaved pets, if you have any queries please speak with the team.

Please feel free to bring anything in to make your loved one's stay more comfortable, this could be pictures or favourite bedding.

A selection of food and drink is available in the Sitting Room from which you can help yourself, 24 hours a day.

Please be aware that there is no smoking at the Hospice.