In-Patient Ward

If you or a loved one needs to stay at Hospice in the Weald overnight you will stay on our In-Patient Ward.  This is a 15-bed short-stay unit where terminally ill patients can receive compassionate, individualised, holistic and supportive care (as patients, their families and carers do across all of Hospice in the Weald's Services).

There are many reasons why you or a loved one may need to access care on our In- Patient Ward, such as;

  • To help control difficult symptoms such as pain
  • To provide you and your family or carer with emotional and spiritual support
  • To provide specialist care in the last days of life
  • To carry out day procedures such as blood transfusions, fluid drainage or injections to help with your symptom control
  • For a crisis care admission in difficult circumstances such as your main carer becoming suddenly unwell

A place on the In-Patient Ward can be arranged by your Hospice in the Home nurse or a healthcare provider such as your GP or hospital.  Once agreed, the In-Patient Ward team will make every effort to admit you as soon as possible – generally within a day or two – but if there is a delay, your Hospice in the Home nurse will provide the best all-round care for you and your family at home until you are admitted.

The In-Patient Ward Service cares for the whole person and offers personal, individualised treatment to suit a patient's physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

The length of time patients may stay on the In-Patient Ward varies however this is not a long-stay unit and cannot offer longer term care for those who need it. Many patients stay less than two weeks.  We work with patients, their families and carers to plan a patient's discharge very carefully, ensuring all care and equipment needed is in place before anyone leaves to go home or to an alternative place of supported care.

While a patient stays on the In-Patient Ward, our medical and nursing team will manage their care, working closely with your usual hospital consultant, GP and any other healthcare providers you may already be with. When a patient goes home, their GP will be told of any developments and changes to their medication as he/she remains responsible for writing future prescriptions when they are at home.

For more infomation please contact Emma Allwright, Head of In-Patient Ward on 01892 820532 or emma.allwright@hospiceintheweald.org.uk, or complete this form.