Hospice in the Home


Many of our patients are in their own homes, or in Care Homes, and this is where they choose to stay and be cared for until the end of their lives.  The Hospice in the Home Team are there to help and facilitate this for as long as possible, or for as long as the patient wishes.


Our team consists of Clinical Nurse Specialists, Registered Staff Nurses, Registered Hospice Paramedics, Nursing Assistants, Administrative staff as well as volunteers. We also have the support of a Hospice Doctor, and Advanced Nurse Practitioners.


The Hospice in the Home team:

  • Advise on medication to relieve physical symptoms.
  • Provides emotional and spiritual support.
  • Works closely with your GP, District Nurse and other Healthcare Professionals to support you at home, and help co-ordinate your care. Your GP will continue to be responsible for your care while you are at home.
  • Offers guidance and support on Advance Care Planning (which includes resuscitation decisions and preferences for your future care), with the aim of avoiding unnecessary hospital admissions by making sure that things are in place before you need them. Patients may also consider a referral to our Cottage Hospice in Five Ashes, opening Autumn 2019
  • Hospice in the Home patients also have access to other Hospice services at home, such as: Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy  and Information and Guidance
  • In addition, if you are able to come into the Hospice, you can be referred to our Hospice day Service, breathlessness and heart failure appointments, and the gym.
  • We recognise that your illness affects both you and your loved ones, therefore, Wellbeing Therapies, as well as Counselling, can also be offered to those who support you.
  • Patients may also be referred for procedures, symptom control, or end of life admissions to the inpatient ward if needed.


  • Patients are accepted into the service if they have been diagnosed with a terminal illness such as: advanced cancer; advanced degenerative neurological conditions; advanced heart failure; end stage chronic kidney disease; end-stage dementia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (this is not an exhaustive list). Patients who do not have hospice palliative care needs but have generic end of life care needs are also accepted.
  • For more information please see our Referral Policy.


  • Your GP, District Nurse, or other health care professionals may, with your consent, refer you to our Team.
  • Patients and families can make self-referrals (including for bereavement follow up), however your  GP would be contacted to confirm medical history.
  • If you would like to self-refer to the Hospice in the Home Team, please click Access Our Care, or at the top right-hand side of this page. Alternatively you can call us on 01892 820515 to discuss a referral.


  • After you are referred to the Hospice, a team member will contact you by phone and arrange to see you at the Hospice for an appointment. If you are unable to attend for an appointment, arrangements will be made to see you at home. After this first appointment, your care will be planned to meet your individual needs. You can speak to a nurse on the phone; be seen at a Hospice appointment or be seen in your home as frequently as you need. This can range from daily to once every few months.
  • You and your family/carer will have access to 24-hour telephone support and advice, seven days a week. Telephone: 01892 820515



  • If you are a Health Care Professional wanting to make a referral to Hospice in the Home Team, the referral for is here: referral form


For more information please contact:  Louise Buck, Head of Hospice in the Home, on 01892 820487  or louise.buck@hospiceintheweald.org.uk