Hospice in the Home

Hospice in the Home:

Some patients with a terminal illness may want to continue living in their own home for as long as possible.  Hospice in the Home (HitH) will help to facilitate this. If it is their preference to die at home, the HitH team supports and assists in organising the necessary support services required.

Our team consists of: Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS), Registered Staff Nurses (SN), Registered Hospice Paramedics (HP), Nursing Assistants (NA), administrative staff and volunteers. The team also has the support of a community hospice Doctor for complex patient reviews and assessments.

 We can help support patients and their families by:

* Giving advice regarding management of symptoms, pain control, and treatment programs.
* Reducing admission to hospital when appropriate, or liaising with specialist services/ teams.
* Assisting with crisis management and supporting services to deliver the highest level of care.
* Helping patients and families to adjust to what can often be a new and distressing situation.
* Recognising common signs of patients entering the dying phase of illness and providing support.
* Providing comfort and re-assurance to patients at the end of life, as well as those closest to them.
* Referring to the Hospice In-Patient-Ward (IPW) when appropriate, or when symptoms may become unmanageable at home.

We also offer support to Residential and Nursing Homes, ensuring all end of life patients have access to hospice palliative care whatever the circumstance and wherever a patient may live (dependant to the Hospice in the Weald notional catchment area).

The Hospice in The Home team is divided into four smaller cluster teams which cover a specific geographical area; these teams will ensure continuity of care and provide all follow up as required. All patients are assigned to a team led by a Specialist Nurse who will oversee care, liaising and co-ordinate between the different services involved.  The patients’ General Practitioner (GP) will remain responsible for the care provided, which will be complimented by the Hospice in the Weald team.

We will keep in contact with the patient and their family by telephone in between appointments to help support, or identify any changes or concerns apparent.  These contacts may be by any member of the team which includes volunteers.

When a referral is made to us whether by yourself, GP, or other; we will invite you to the hospice for an initial assessment with the aim of getting to know the patient, their wishes, concerns or worries regarding their health and future treatment.  Ongoing appointments at the hospice or home visits (if more appropriate), will be arranged as required.

To make a referral, please click here or tel: 01892 820515

For more infomation please contact Louise Buck, Head of Hospice in the Home on 01892 820487 or louise.buck@hospiceintheweald.org.uk