Hospice in the Home

Some patients with a life limiting or palliative illness want to continue living in their own home and if it is their preference die there, our home team will help to facilitate this.

Our team consists of specialist nurses, registered nurses, nursing assistants and administrative staff. We can help support patients and their families through serious illness by;

  • Giving advice regarding managing symptoms of disease, pain control, treatment programs
  • Preventing admission to hospital, or facilitating discharge from in-patient care
  • Providing crisis management and care whilst other supporting services are activated
  • Helping patients and families to adjust to their situation.
  • Providing comfort and support to patients and families at end of life

We also offer support to Residential/ Nursing Homes ensuring all end of life patients receive Hospice Palliative Care whatever their circumstances and wherever they live.   To see if your Nursing/Care Home is in our catchment area please click here.

All patients are assigned a specialist nurse who will oversee all care, and liaise and co-ordinate between the different services involved.  Your GP will remain responsible for your care, and we aim to complement this rather than substitute it.

When a referral is made to us whether by yourself, GP, nurse etc. we will invite you to the Hospice for an initial assessment with the aim of getting to know you and your family/carers and your wishes, concerns or worries regarding your health and future treatment.  Ongoing appointments at the Hospice or home visits when you are house bound, will be arranged as appropriate.

We will endeavour to keep in contact with you and your family by telephone inbetween appointments to help support you and allow us to identify any changes or concerns you may have. These contacts may be by any member of the team which includes volunteers.  Meet the team on the next page to find out more about our staff.

To make a referral, please click here.

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