Hospice Day Service Lite

In light of the current COVID pandemic, Hospice Day Service Light has been temporarily paused.

We are working towards a digital offer for patients. This Lite-r Virtual Hospice Day Service which will be available soon and will involve music groups, relaxation group, craft groups and other similar activities. 

In the meantime, all our other services continue to run as normal and are available to all patients. Patients who would normally attend Hospice Day Service are being supported by our Hospice Outreach Service.

If you have any questions please phone Hannah Bruce on 01892 820500 or hannah.bruce@hospiceintheweald.org.uk 

Thank you for your continued support – stay safe.


What is Hospice Day Service?

Hospice Day Service is completely free of charge and provides a space that allows patients and their families to come and adjust, together and seperately, to the reality that they or their loved one has been diagnosed with a terminal illness.

There are a number of Groups and activities that you can choose from to suit your needs and goals. To ensure that you achieve these goals, you will get a personalised programme that you and our staff will devise, ensuring you are getting the most from your time at Hospice Day Service.

While Hospice Day Service is not just for patients - we really encourage patients' family members and carers to attend and partake. We want Hospice Day Service to be a place for patients and their loved ones to talk, listen and prepare and cherish what precious time they have together - to create and/ or share memories.


How do I access Hospice Day Service?

Hospice Day Service is open during the day, Monday to Friday. Our services are free, and referrals are usually made by any healthcare professional for any patient who has a terminal illness and requires palliative care and support. Hospice Outreach Service may also refer you to us, however, you can just pick up the phone and refer yourself or a loved one.


Please click here for our timetable to find out what activities are on offer. Currently we are running a Lite version of Hospice Day Service, so our full timetable may not be available.


For more information please contact Emma Allwright, Head of Hospice Day Service on 01892 820532 or emma.allwright@hospiceintheweald.org.uk, or complete this form