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We plan to open our first purpose built, 10 bedroom, Cottage Hospice on the site of the Church of the Good Shepherd, Five Ashes, Mayfield by spring 2019.

Cottage Hospice is one of the most inspiring and challenging developments for Hospice in the Weald. We know it may even revolutionise the way end of life care is delivered and understood. We want to put Hospice care back into the heart of communities. Cottage Hospice will not replicate or replace what we have at Pembury, but will engage with and involve more of those who live and work in the local community. We want to see increased involvement of families as Family Caregivers, working alongside volunteers, especially the kind of volunteers who want to be hands-on carers.

Of course some patients, especially those with more complex symptoms, will continue to need the specialist care and facilities of our In-Patient Unit in Pembury. However those whose symptoms and pain are manageable in comfortable surroundings in their community, with the support of specialist volunteers, will we hope come to rely upon Cottage Hospices.  The great benefit of this concept is the idea of patients and family caregivers being able to be cared for nearer their own homes (specifically where care in their own home may not be feasible).  Our traditional catchment area covers 400 square miles so for some of the people we care for, being rooted in their community at this stage of their life, with access to compassionate, supportive, individualised and holistic care, will help ensure their remaining time is as happy and comfortable as it can be.

With this in mind, ideally, we would love to see a few Cottage Hospices dotted around the edge of our patch. The idea is for a Cottage Hospice facility where the community is engaged, not just for end-of-life care but for learning and social activities similar to those already provided in our Hospice Day Service, making it more of a community hub.

If you would like to make a donation to support our work, please use the green donation button at the top left of this page or phone Gemma Millen, Fundraising Assistant on 01892 820506 or gemma.millen@hospiceintheweald.org.uk 

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