When Someone Dies

When a loved one dies at Hospice in the Weald 

The Nursing and Medical staff will support and guide you through this time and answer any questions you may have.  You don’t need to leave immediately and you’ll be supported to spend time with your loved one if you wish.  The Nurses will help to pack any belongings that need to be returned to you and we will give you a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death, explaining what to do next and tell you about the support we can continue to offer you and your family.  We’ll do this on the same day if possible or ask you to return to the Hospice at a mutually convenient time on the next working day.

When a loved one dies at home

If your relative has died during the day (9am-5pm), please telephone their GP to ask them to verify the death and issue the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death.  One of our Hospice Nurses can also verify the death if needed, but the GP will need to issue the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death at a later time.

If your relative has died between 5pm and 9am, please telephone the Out Of Hours service on 111 and a Doctor or Nurse will come to verify your loved ones death and the GP can issue the Medical Certificate later.

A member of staff from Hospice in the Weald will telephone you in the days following the death for an informal catch up with you and let you know of the continued support which is available to you and your family.

Remember, you can telephone Hospice in the Weald on 01892 820 515 at all times for advice or to talk something over.