01 / November / 2017

Patient, family and carer Retreat Day is a hit!

Patient, family and carer Retreat Day is a hit! image

Hospice in the Weald hosted its first Saturday ‘Hospice Retreat Day’ for patients, their families and carers.  The day was a huge success with over 80 patients and family members attending.  The patients and their loved ones were able to book treatments and therapies with Hospice in the Weald volunteers, anything from Bach flower remedies to aromatherapy massage to hairdressing.  There were also various groups to access on the day including: belly dancing; creative expression; mindfulness.  There were craft stalls and delicious refreshments donated for the day.  Over half of the people who attended had never been to  Hospice Day Service before and did not realise all the different groups and therapies that they could access at Hospice in the Weald.

Jill, a Hospice in the Weald patient, attends Hospice Day Service every Thursday.  Jill said, “My daughter Andrea and I, attended the Hospice Retreat Day together. The atmosphere at the Hospice felt so friendly, inviting and warm-hearted. It made us feel comfortable, especially when we were greeted by the great team of volunteers.  At the time I could see that makeup tutorials were being held for patients. I haven’t worn make up since I was diagnosed with a terminal illness.  I usually feel so poorly that I don’t see the use for it anymore.

Andrea and I decided to have a makeup tutorial together.  The artist was really attentive and passionate and creative in her way in explaining the different products and techniques for us to use.  Once the tutorial finished the makeup artist asked me to look into a mirror – I couldn’t believe it.  Andrea burst into tears.  I suddenly felt like a person again not just a patient.  Although she was upset it was so lovely to share the experience with Andrea.

We stayed at the Hospice from 10am – 5pm and enjoyed the day so much.   It was so nice to spend a whole day with Andrea in an environment that was initially quite daunting.  I’ve never had reiki before and I thoroughly enjoyed that too.  I felt so relaxed and calm.  I also had a lovely hand massage.  The Hospice Day Service staff and volunteers are so compassionate.  They take the time to care for my needs as an individual and it was lovely for Andrea to get to know them too at what is a difficult time for us.”