01 / July / 2020

Brenda and her bear

Brenda and her bear image

Brenda is currently a patient on our In-Patient Ward, and has made no secret of her love of bears. In fact, anyone can tell from the moment of walking into Brenda’s room that they mean a lot to her from all the photos dotted around.

One photo in particular caught the eye of the nursing staff – a photo of a bear Brenda adopted from a local wildlife sanctuary. Sadly, Brenda has never been able to visit the bear, and is currently not well enough to make the journey.

At Hospice in the Weald, we wanted Brenda to have the opportunity to meet her bear – albeit not in real life! Thanks to the kindness of the staff at the Wildwood Trust, we were able to show Brenda a video of her bear enjoying some treats.

Brenda and her husband John were delighted at the video, which was kept a surprise, and were grateful to the Hospice and the sanctuary for helping her meet her bear! "It was terrific. They're absoloutely beautiful. Gorgeous!"